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Essential information software characteristics brochure

Asset Fintech is not a broker, investment company or asset manager. Asset Fintech delivers own developed software for financial investments with the related services and software advice. This product sheet provides important information for review and check for alignment with the horizon of the user and the management of capital growth and asset risk tolerance. By using the software, Asset Fintech can never be held liable under any circumstances.


Margin FX and CFD products, with potential leverage, are regarded to be highly speculative products and impose a considerably higher risk compared to products like stocks. You should only invest in margin FX and CFD products if you completely understand the risks involved. Trading in margin FX and CFD products could potentially lead to a total loss of investment or even more. Make sure only to use risk capital. Before starting to execute margin FX and CFD transactions you should consult an independent financial advisor on the financial, legal and tax implications. Make sure this fits your goals, needs and circumstances. Make sure to spread your risk across different markets and/or products but also across different providers and/or managers. This way your portfolio will be managed in a responsible way and in line with the risks taken.

This document provides you with essential information with regard to this strategy. This is NOT marketing material. The provided information is obliged by law and is meant to provide more insight into the nature and associated risks of this strategy. We recommend you to read this information in order to be able to make an educated decision on whether or not to use the software.

OBJECTIVES  AND POLICY – Ai Trader Pro aims to realize the highest possible returns within this segment of strategies based on support and resistance levels. Structuring of the clients portfolio mainly happens via a KYC analysis at the broker/bank/exchange which is based on certain criteria such as policy transparency and strategy conformity.

This product characteristics overview only applies to the strategies PNO of Asset Fintech.

Ai Trader Pro are fully automated trading systems for financial instruments in high volatile markets. The functioning is based on fix (financial instrument exchange) and API ( Application Protocol Interface) techniques.

All Ai Trader Pro strategies take positions automatically via the EA (automated system) based on cycle trading via stop buy and stop sell orders. Strategies are dynamic and have a set goal to always reach a certain profit level. This dynamic profit level can sometimes be limited due to other market circumstances, slippage and spread widening. The software contains special modules that can control and limit this type of situations to a minimum.
The automated trading systems of Ai Trader Pro are price action strategies which can be categorized as short to medium term products. Ai Trader Pro systems are most active in a market that moves in a specific range. The automated systems also perform well during low volatile markets. The amount of positions taken depends entirely on the volatility of the market. The risk taken is limited by a sophisticated money management system. The main objective is to reach a good risk/reward ratio, a low drawdown, a low equity use with a constant profit flow.

The systems generate profits during normal and volatile market circumstances. Every traded instrument has its own parameter setting for specific market circumstances.

Behind the scenes humans are constantly monitoring the trading, the software and the hardware at Asset Fintech. Log files are constantly generated by the system which allows Asset Fintech to check the strategy performances.
The software is the property of Asset Fintech. Asset Fintech does not use third party systems. Ai Trader Prosystems are developed by professional traders and IT specialists with broad experience and knowledge about the financial markets. Monthly and yearly returns, including associated ratios and graphs, can be studied with the link from the website or can be obtained on request. Asset Fintech strategies have a stringent criteria chain for selecting brokerages/exchanges  that provide the best digital technologies within the financial industry. Brokers are fully regulated and have registrations with the financial regulators of each established country.

Ai Trader Pro series – 2 strategies


standard (standard at start)


average + 1.00 to 5.00%

  • Withdrawing profits on time is an essential part of managing your investment.
  • Investing with a longer term vision gives the best results.

The strategy of Ai Trader Pro series fall in accordance with the MiFID II classification in the highest risk group of investment products, so also the software (category 7).

Profile Ai Trader Pro series

Live start strategy

launch September 3, 2020 – updated date on request

Trading groups

currencies – metals – commodities – shares  indices

Trading type

short, medium & long term non-stop cycles of buy or sell orders

Trade records

present from start 03-09-2020 until present day; verified independently

Average trades per month

around 75 – 150

Risk per trade

VARIABLE = adjustable

default = 1.0 and corresponds approximately to + 0.05% of the balance sheet total per order

Customizable for institutional parties

risk and margin parameters can be set as per requirements


Leverage depends on the order execution party, but is preferably 1:100 or more

Trading pairs

no limitations

Trading times

24 hours a day from Sunday evening 22:00 to Friday evening 22:00 cet

Expected risk / reward

according to current stats

Expected % gross profit

target 3 -5% a monthly

Minimum reference starting capital

€ 100.000,– limited during test case on request

Maximal allowed amount traded capital

no limit

Capital protection

under control of the investor or manager of the account

Full hedge level


Stop out level

to be controlled by the investor or account manager

Margin call level

to be controlled by the investor or account manager

Draw Down

targeted maximum = 10%; exceptions can occur

Volatitlity of the balance

depends on the market volatility ; targeted maximum of 5%

Risk and profit profile

Higher risk

Potential higher return

Lower risk

Potential lower return

The results are based on data from the past. Data from the past is not always a reliable indication regarding risk and return in the future. The risk and return indicator are being evaluated on a constant basis and can therefore be either increased or decreased. The lowest number does not mean the investment is completely without risk. However, it does indicate, compared to higher numbers, that this product normally offers a lower but more predictable return. The number indicates both the potential return of the strategy and the associated risk in high risk environment. The higher the number, the higher the potential return, but also the less predictable the return will be. Losses are possible. The number is calculated from the perspective of the current experience on the publication date of these product characteristics overview.

The meaning of a return indicator of 3 for this strategy :

3 indicates that this strategy, strives to offset a standard risk with a medium return on the initial capital and is therefore a medium risk investment. This objective increases the risk because of the market volatility related to the strategy. An investment in this strategy also means a moderate inflation risk, no protection regarding the increase of this inflation risk and no capital protection.


Software provider

Asset Fintech International

General information

Responsible publisher

Any other not mentioned product characteristics can be requested per email info@assetfintech.com
Asset Fintech declares the information in this product characteristics overview document to be correct and complete and possible omissions are of no influence on the content. Asset Fintech can perform adjustments and supplements without an upfront notification. We would therefore like to advise you to regularly check the product characteristics overview documents.

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